Dungeon Learner's Guide - Myrkul, Lord of Bones (Basal Sliver): Commander's Guild Deck Tech/Gameplay

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Welcome to episode 162 of the Commander's Guild: "Are Slivers Still Good if They're Enchantments?" Every week I go to scryfall.com and randomly select a card, making a budget (under $100) commander deck around it and showcasing a gameplay video of the deck. This week I'm joined by Doodle, Josh, and Luke.

This week's random card is Basal Sliver and uses Myrkul, Lord of Bones as the commander. Slivers are usually played in all five colors so are they still good if we cut two colors and turn them into enchantments? I mean, most likely, yeah. But will it be fun? Also most likely.

If you have suggestions for any future deck ideas (or want to request a specific card to build around), let me know in the comments. Hope you enjoy it!

0:00 - Deck Tech
24:56 - Gameplay
43:57 - Wrap-Up

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