Durdle MTG - To Urborg! Again! This time with Moira versus Leinore, Ziatora and Kaalia.

Kicking around different ideas for what commander to cover, I was going through the many legends that came with the Legends' Legacy deck and happened upon Moira. I do love when my commanders have menace and I do like attacking so Moira became an immediate choice. This deck tries to abuse ETBs, some death triggers and gives Moira a boost here and there to deal extra commander damage. It also takes advantage of Edict effects like Fleshbag Marauder.

Deck List:

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Music from https://incompetech.com/music/:
"Unwritten Return" by Kevin Macleod
Music from Filmmusic.io
"Unity" by Kevin Macleod
"Sexy Julia" by Sascha Ende
"Hades" by Sascha Ende
"Betonwaldromantik" by Sascha Ende
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