EDHREC Announcement - The Salt Polls Return!

(Sowing Salt | Art by Hideaki Takamura)

A Salt and Battery

Hello there! EDHREC is happy to announce the reopening of the Salt Polls! Our community survey about 'salt-inducing' cards (a.k.a. cards that players don't always like to play against) helps gauge player opinion about the state of the format. Knowing which cards the community deems most 'salty' is a quick way to identify cards that players might want to discuss in pre-game Rule 0 discussions, to ensure everyone is on the same page, whether they're looking to avoid those cards, or whether they're all gearing up for a mutually uber-powerful game.

If you'd like to get voting right away, you can find the Salt Polls here! If you're hungry for a little more info, we've got a short video here that covers all the salty details:

Once the voting is closed, we look forward to analyzing the results with you on an upcoming EDHRECast episode. The format is always evolving, so there may be little change, or there could be a TON of salty upheaval, with new cards rising and old cards fading down. We'll have to wait and see!

We'd also like to take a quick moment to shout out the fine folks at Archidekt, who have collaborated with EDHREC to put the new poll together. In addition to EDHREC integrating the results into our database, Archidekt will also have some new features coming soon! Both sites are very excited to create new tools to help assist players as they brew new decks.

Not to drop too much info too fast, but we know a lot of folks have inquired about the possibility for other community polls, such as a 'Sugar Score' opposite the Salt Score, to gauge the cards players most love to play against. Rest assured that we have lots of ideas cooking in the lab - we just wanted to get this one done first, in honor of the recently-departed Hullbreacher, who swam many a salty sea.

By the way, if you'd like some easy listening while you vote, feel free to check out this past episode of the EDHRECast with CAG member Shivam Bhatt, where we discussed the previous Salt Poll results, along with different ways to navigate to a mutually enjoyable game for the whole table.

So, which cards do you suspect will make it into the new roster of most-salt-inducing cards in the format? Do you think the list will look the same, or are there a lot of new cards that have edged into the top spots? We'd love to hear your thoughts.

Happy voting!

Joey is the lead editor and content producer for EDHREC. You can find him hosting and creating tons of great videos over at https://www.youtube.com/edhrecast or give him a follow at @JosephMSchultz on Twitter, where he likes to celebrate Commander, coffee, and corgis.

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