Commander Showdown – Liesa vs Liesa

Commander Showdown – Kyler vs Jirina Kudro

Commander Showdown – Wilhelt vs The Horde

Zombies are back! How does Wilhelt stack up against his undead competition?

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EDHREC Collab – Dragon Shield MTG Card Manager Announcement

Dragon Shield’s MTG Card Manager app has updated with EDHREC integration!

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EDHREC Announcement – The Salt Polls Return!

Commander Showdown – Beckett Brass vs Malcolm & Breeches

Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate’s life for me… but which pirate do we choose!?

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Commander Showdown – Ruxa vs Ayula

Commander Showdown – Esix vs Brudiclad

The Truth REVEALED – EDHREC Creator Confesses Plot to Destroy Format

Commander Showdown – Lathril vs Abomination of Llanowar

If you love Golgari Elves, which commander is right for you?

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