Extra Turns - Middle-Earth Madness | Extra Turns 47 | Magic: The Gathering Lord of the Rings Commander Gameplay

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Show Notes:

The Command Zone crew is venturing back into Middle-earth for a truly immersive Extra Turns showdown. Rachel Weeks has prepared a perfectly balanced pod of upgraded precons, using ONLY in-universe Lord of the Rings cards. Do these bolstered hobbits, humans, and elves stand a chance against the new and improved forces of Sauron? Find out as JLK, Jake, and Murph face off with Rachel to find out which deck will rule them all.

It’s Sauron vs. Galadriel vs. Eowyn vs. Frodo & Sam


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Deck Lists:

Rachel’s Sauron:

Jake’s Galadriel:

Murph’s Eowyn:

JLK’s Frodo & Sam:



Directed by: Jake Boss
Executive Producer: Josh Lee Kwai
Co-Producer: Jimmy Wong
Edited by: Eric Lindvall
VFX, GFX: Eric Lindvall
Additional Editing: Megan Yip
Sound Mix: Eric Lindvall
Post Production Supervisor/Director of Photography: Jake Boss
Deck Coordinator: Rachel Weeks
Intro Theme Arrangement: Jake Boss


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