Game Knights - Game Knights Live! Championship Replay from Magic 30 Las Vegas l MTG Commander Gameplay EDH

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Show Notes:

What happened at Magic30 isn’t staying at Magic30, it’s going on YouTube! The Command Zone is proud to present this replay of Game Knights Live, originally performed on stage at Magic30 in Las Vegas (10/28/22).

Get ready for a star-studded cast of larger-than-life Commander contenders, all competing for the ultimate prize: The Game Knights Live Championship Belt! We’ve got two games full of big swings, eye-popping plays, and dramatic appeals to the audience .If you couldn’t be there in person, now’s your chance to see the throw-down of the century for yourself!


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Where to find our cast online:

Ladee Danger:
Twitter: @Brttnymchlle
Instagram: @Theladeedanger

Joseph Johnson
Twitter: @Blackneto_
Instagram: @Blackneto_

Ashlen Rose:
Twitter: @AshlenRose
Instagram: @rawritsashlen

Gavin Verhey
Twitter: @GavinVerhey
Instagram: @GavinVerhey

Olivia Gobert-Hicks:
Twitter: @goberthicks

Twitter: @VoxyTwitch
Instagram: @VoxyTwitch

Jacob Bertrand:
TikTok: @jacob.bertrand
Instagram: @thejacobbertrand

Sheldon Menery:
Twitter: @SheldonMenery


Deck Lists:


For the Brothers’ War Commander precon deck lists, go to:

Ladee’s Neyith:

Joseph’s Kels:


Voxy’s Sigarda:

Jacob’s Koma:

Jimmy’s Asmoranomardicadaistinaculdacar:

JLK’s Shadowborn Apostle:



Executive Producer & Creative Director: Josh Lee Kwai
Producer & Director: Jake Boss
Co-Producer: Jimmy Wong
Associate Producer: Jamie Block
Writers: Jordan Pridgen & Jamie Block
Production Design: Ladee Danger
Costume & Wardrobe: Olivia Gobert-Hicks, Ashlen Rose, Ladee Danger
Edited by: Josh Lee Kwai, Jake Boss, Arthur Meadowcroft
VFX: Sam Waldow
GFX: Daniel Woodling, Jake Boss, Ladee Danger, Ashlen Rose
Production Crew: Reaction Audio Visual
Production Assistants: Josh Murphy, Manson Leung, Damen Lenz, Truc Thai, Sam Waldow
“Secret Service” Cast: Josh Murphy, Manson Leung, Damen Lenz
Card Overlay Operator: James Turner (LoadingReadyRun)
Senior Producer (Wizards of the Coast): Greg Collins
Production Consultant: Rich Hagon
Narrated by: Keith Norton
Theme Music: Post Malone


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