Into the 99 - Phabine vs The Meep vs Smeagol vs Falco Spara - Into The 99 Live edh s2 e1

We are back ! Season 2 of our live game play kicks off with a really fun game ! We have Phabine vs The Meep vs Smeagol vs Falco Spara.

Phabine boss's confidant is a token heavy deck that parlays itself to victory. It is being played by our good friend Brando from the rogues passage podcast

The Meep is a sacrifice themed commander who gives a big buff to your creatures. It is being played by Slothy !

Smeagol, helpful guide is a deck based on taking your opponents lands and using them to your gain. It is being played by Sherman

Falco Spara, pactweaver is a voltron themed politics deck that Falco punches the enemy to submission. It is being played by our friend Brady from the rogues passage podcast

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