Jumbo Commander — A Budget Deck Tech of Ezuri, Renegade Leader

This budget elves deck was built on the Freyalise, Llanowar’s Fury preconstructed deck “Guided By Nature”. This deck was recently re-released in Commander Anthologies. Everyone loves the foil commanders but more importantly this deck is FILLED to the brim with valuable elves. This gives us an opportunity to make a solid budget elf deck. Below is the entire decklist for “Guided By Nature”. The cards I have cut moved to the maybe board and my additions have the “A” tag. No matter if you have the preconstructed deck or not this commander deck cones in at under $75. this is a fun, synergistic, budget commander brew and tribal strategies are poised to only get better as commander 2017 and Ixalan are released. Enjoy the deck tech and good luck brewing!

TappedOut: http://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/ezuri-…

Music by HeatleyBros Here is a link to their awesome playlist I used for the music in the video. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list

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