Jumbo Commander – Commander 2018 Upgrading Estrid the Masked Bant Enchantments Deck

Estrid the Masked leads the Bantchantments deck “Adaptive Enchantments” The precon deck is a little bit disjointed. It goes wide, it goes tall, it’s aggressive and defensive. I explore the precon and talk about some of the best enchantments that supplement Estrid. The purpose of this video is to give you an idea of what Estrid can do. Some people will buy the precon and this will help them find some cards that enhance what they are interested in. Other players may be buying singles and build something from scratch no matter how you plan to play enchantments I hope you have lots of fun in the process!

NOTE: I include some amazing cards that just have silly price tags. They will be great in your deck but don’t worry if they are not in your budget. Jumbo Commander is sponsored by TCGplayer.com Link to Commander 2018! (https://bit.ly/2O3Slis)!

Decklist: https://bit.ly/2KkiBC2

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