Legendary Creature Podcast - Vaevictis v. Ertai v. Sidisi v. Virtus & Gorm

Welcome to episode three of Legendary Creature-Games!

This week we've got a budget battle. Vaevictis seeks to bend everyone to his will, while Virtus and Gorm try to make the game a short pit fight. Erstwhile, Ertai curses the land and Sidisi plumbs the depths of everyone's knowledge.

Who will emerge victorious?

Be sure to check out our podcasts where we have explored some of these commanders.

Vaevictis, Thievery Corporation:

Virtus & Gorm:

And check out deck lists at the links below.

Vaevicitis Asmadi, the Dire:


Virtus and Gorm:


Ertai, the Corrupted:


Sidisi, Brood Tyrant:

We'll post this soon... sorry it's not here yet.

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Music this episode is from Protector 101's new album Paramnesia. We're grateful for musicians who let us use and share their craft. Give them your support and check Protector 101 out:


Big shout out to Mikey Patch for logo art work! Check his stuff out:


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