MTG Lexicon – Dive Bar of EDH | S5E26 – Zedruu’s The Revengening: Part 2 (VOD 4/18/20) | MTG Commander gameplay

Welcome to another one of MTGLexicon’s weekly streams, where we play non-competitive EDH/Commander mixed with drinks, friends, and other channels. Join us live each Saturday from around 5pm Pacific Time til’ Midnight:

“Cancel your Saturday night plans and join @MTG_Lexicon as they stream EDH/Commander games filled with betrayal, romance, and redemption. Come for the entertainment, stay for the friendships.” – @GingerJ0E on Twitter

0:16:31 | Game 1 Intro: Daxos the Returned VS Riku VS Shired VS Zedruu
0:27:55 | Game 1 Start
1:45:34 | Game 2 Intro: Yawgmoth VS Marchesa the Black Rose VS Zedruu VS The Ur-Dragon
1:50:16 | Game 2 Start
3:09:00 | Game 3 Intro: Derevi VS Feldon VS Jalira VS Kydele + Vial Smasher (Partners)
3:12:57 | Game 3 Start
5:57:09 | Game 4 Intro: Ghired VS Xantcha VS Karlov VS Zur
6:00:21 | Game 4 Start

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