MTG Specs - This turned BONKERS! MTGSPECTACULAR #3 Kalamax v Kenrith v Alela v Brenard Commander Game MTG EDH

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Welcome to episode 3 of MTGSpectacular, a UK based Magic: The Gathering gameplay series. Enjoy an authentic match between friends with the laughter, rules chat and table talk left in.
This is the game that aged me by several years. Starts off sedate, ends up trigger central INSANITY. Featuring:

James, playing Kalamax, the Stormsire:

Toby, playing Kenrith, the Returned King monarch theme:

Louie, playing Alela, Cunning Conqueror:

Lee (me), playing Brenard, Ginger Sculptor:

These deck lists reflect the ongoing changes all of us make to our decks so may not be exact matches, especially Brenard, who has had many a makeover:

There is also a deck tech for Brenard for you to enjoy at:

Previous episodes:

Editing by @GeekEKittenGaming
Streetfighter title sequence music courtesy of Epidemic Sound.
Streetfighter title sequence by me!
Danse Macabre - Busy Strings by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license.

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