SplitSecond – #05 Yidris, Naru Meha, Ruric Thar, Darien – EDH Gameplay

Yidris storm (Sequeira’s brew), Naru Meha combo (based on Jarizos’s brew), Ruric Thar stax (Sequeira’s brew), Darien stax/aggro (Baal’s brew)

❂ This week we added lines separating our play-areas in preparation for a custom playmat, we improved the image quality a little bit and we tried to pair some decks we thought would match up interestingly. Tell us what you think in the comments below.
❂ Unfortunately, this week’s video is smaller. We had a second match to show you, but there was a game-breaking missplay that we didn’t catch in time.

❂ Decklists – https://tinyurl.com/ts2s52g

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