The Command Zone #176 — Is Kess, Dissident Mage the Best Commander from C17?

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Show Notes: Alex Kessler joins the show to discuss his namesake card and a deck he might brew with it. KEY CARDS: Dark Ritual (Mana Geyser) Ancient Excavation Time Warp Metallurgic Summonings Increasing Ambition/Increasing Vengeance /(no Increasing Confusion?) Secrets of the Dead Mizzix’s Mastery Docent of Perfections Cruel Ultimatum CARDS WE MIGHT THINK ABOUT THAT AREN’T ON THE LIST: Pyromancer’s Goggles Epic Experiment Signets? Or more Rituals? Brainstorm, etc More self mill?

Cycling Deck Decklist:

What We Mentioned on the End Step: Avatar the Last Airbender

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