The Command Zone - “Grand Larceny” Precon Upgrade | Outlaws of Thunder Junction | The Command Zone 602 | MTG EDH Magic

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Show Notes:

Feeling criminal? Tired of only piloting your own deck? Why not play your opponent's deck instead!?

We’re here to tell you how, with our upgrade guide for the new Outlaws of Thunder Junction “Grand Larceny” (blue/black/green) precon deck. For only $50, we’ll show you which 10 cards to bring on the job, and which 10 to ditch so they don’t weigh you down. Soon, your opponent’s decks will look better than ever… sitting on YOUR battlefield!


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00:00:00 - Intro
00:03:54 - "Grand Larceny" Precon Upgrade
00:04:16 - Possible Commanders
00:09:15 - Notable Reprints
00:10:58 - Reprint Value
00:13:56 - Deck Stats
00:19:12 - Best Cards
00:24:51 - Upgrade Goals
00:32:28 - Cards to Add
00:51:36 - Cards to Cut
01:07:01 - How the Deck Plays
01:14:06 - To the Listeners
01:16:46 - Jordan and Shōgun

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