The Command Zone - How to Play GREEN w/ Brian Kibler | The Command Zone 606 | MTG Magic @bmkibler @commanderathome

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Show Notes:

It’s not easy playing green – unless you’re two-time Pro Tour champion and Magic Hall of Famer Brian Kibler!

Let his wisdom be your guide as he discusses how to pilot green decks like a true beast. He’s laying out where green stomps the competition and where it has the most room for growth. So make like a tree and stay exactly where you are while you absorb the light of our special guest’s insights.


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00:00:00 - Intro
00:03:09 - How to Play Green
00:07:30 - What is Green Good At?
01:06:16 - Green's Creature Types
01:12:36 - What Does Green Struggle With?
01:38:08 - Primary Color Vs. Support
01:44:15 - Color Combinations
01:50:09 - Winning With Green
01:57:21 - It's Easy Being Green?
02:01:41 - Outro

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