The Command Zone - Master Deck Building w/ These Scryfall Hacks | The Command Zone 608 | MTG Magic Gathering Commander

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Show Notes:

These days, knowing every single Magic card is basically impossible (unless you’re Gavin Verhey). Luckily for the rest of us, there’s Scryfall, the high-powered and versatile MTG search engine that can take your deck building to the next level… if you know how to use it.

This episode, we’re bringing you a crash course on the ins and outs of Scryfall, covering everything from the very basics, to some truly top-level tips and tricks to help you find the cards for your next Commander deck! Don’t miss out!


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00:00:59 - Intro
00:05:39 - How To Use Scryfall
00:07:47 - Card Page
00:10:19 - Advanced Search
00:28:02 - Results Page
00:38:37 - Syntax Page
00:40:14 - Basic Syntax
01:01:51 - Criteria
01:08:11 - Scryfall Tags
01:16:28 - Art Tags
01:20:23 - Final Test
01:31:32 - Become A Scryfall Supporter
01:33:18 - To The Listeners
01:35:34 - Spellify

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