The Command Zone - Most Powerful Commanders from Modern Horizons 3 | The Command Zone 611 | MTG EDH Magic Gathering MH3

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Show Notes:

Modern Horizons sets are full of notoriously strong cards from all throughout the multiverse. So it’s no surprise that Modern Horizons 3 brings super-pushed new legends featuring fan-favorite characters along with some exciting (and intimidating) new faces. Come see which Commanders are the cream of the power-crept crop, and learn the synergies and strategies you’ll need to break them wide open. There’s a LOT of wild stuff in this set, and you don’t wanna miss any of it.


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00:00:00 - Intro
00:04:51 - Most Powerful Commanders: MH3
00:05:19 - Arna Kennerüd, Skycaptain
00:15:34 - Ashling, Flame Dancer
00:25:31 - Azlask, The Swelling Scourge
00:40:32 - Coram, The Undertaker
00:50:05 - Genku, Future Shaper
00:59:57 - Herigast, Erupting Nullkite
01:09:45 - Imskir Iron-Eater
01:16:34 - Kudo, King Among Bears
01:24:23 - Nadu, Winged Wisdom
01:37:42 - Rosheen, Roaring Prophet
01:46:46 - Shilgengar, Sire Of Famine
01:55:37 - The Necrobloom
02:10:25 - Our Favorite Commander
02:11:13 - Most Powerful Commander
02:11:56 - To The Listeners

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