The Command Zone - “Most Wanted” Full Deck Reveal - Outlaws of Thunder Junction | The Command Zone 598 | MTG EDH Magic

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Show Notes:

Thunder Junction previews have been full of tough characters: outlaws, varmints, ne'er-do-wells and more. But today, we’re bringing you the baddest of the bad, as we reveal the entire list for the Mardu (white, black, and red) “Most Wanted” precon deck from Outlaws of Thunder Junction! We’ll be covering the whole posse of new cards, including two never-before-seen legends. There’s trouble brewing, and you won’t want to be anywhere else!


“Most Wanted” Decklist:


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00:00:00 - Intro
00:04:28 - "Most Wanted" - Precon Reveal
00:05:06 - Olivia, Opulent Outlaw
00:06:16 - Vihaan, Goldwaker
00:07:45 - New Cards
00:08:08 - Angelic Sell-Sword
00:09:12 - Back in Town
00:10:18 - Bounty Board
00:11:04 - Charred Graverobber
00:12:08 - Dead Before Sunrise
00:12:38 - Discreet Retreat
00:13:49 - Graywater's Fixer
00:14:25 - We Ride at Dawn
00:20:12 - "Most Wanted" Deck Stats
00:24:16 - Reprint Value
00:27:50 - Notable Reprints
00:30:43 - Full Deck List
00:30:58 - Find Full Deck List in Show Notes
00:36:45 - Initial Impressions of the Deck
00:39:03 - Outro
00:41:21 - The End Step: /HAAW/

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