The Command Zone – The Mulan Episode! Deck Tech + Giveaways | The Command Zone #346 | Magic: The Gathering Commander

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Show Notes:

Mulan is finally here! In celebration of the release (on Disney+ Sept 4th) and Jimmy’s role in the film, we’ve got a lot going on in this episode:

1) We’re breaking down a special Mulan themed vorthos Commander deck that Jimmy has brewed up.

2) We’re premiering a never-before-seen featurette (thank you Disney!) that gives an exclusive look behind-the-scenes of Mulan.

3) We’re doing an EPIC GIVEAWAY tied to the release of the film. So make sure you tune in for a chance to win a bunch of awesome free stuff!


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Entry deadline is Monday, Sept 14th. Winners will be announced on Twitter and Instagram.


What we talked about during THE END STEP:

Watch Mulan on Disney+ (premieres September 4th)


Jimmy’s full Mulan Decklist:


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