The Command Zone — Top 5 Overrated Cards in Commander

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Hyperbole is a huge part of Magic: the Gathering culture. We love to proclaim that “X is the best card ever!” or that “If you play Y, you can’t lose”. While it’s fun to make these kind of bold statements, it also means we’re probably doing a disservice to just how good a card ACTUALLY is. Today we’re going to address 5 cards each that we think players have overrated in Commander.

5. Birds of Paradise
4. Damnation
3. Gilded Lotus
2. Diabolic Tutor
1. Oblivion Ring

5. Avenger of Zendikar
4. Jace the Mind Sculptor
3. Liliana Vess
2. Scroll Rack
1. Sword of Light and Shadow / War and Peace / Body and Mind

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