The Command Zone - We Draft the Best Planeswalkers in Commander | The Command Zone 595 | MTG EDH Magic Gathering

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Show Notes:

It’s time for an all-new Command Zone fantasy draft featuring some of your favorite characters from Magic lore! This episode, Jimmy, JLK, and Rachel are making their picks for the top planeswalkers in Commander. Where will each of their loyalties lie? Which decisions will spark controversy among the group? And who will be the ultimate winner? To get these answers and more, tune in and see for yourself!


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00:00:00 - Intro
00:04:31 - We Draft the Best Planeswalkers
00:08:33 - What Makes a Planeswalker Good?
00:11:51 - Round 1
00:23:00 - Round 2
00:33:53 - Round 3
00:44:20 - Round 4
00:51:31 - Round 5
00:58:38 - Honorable Mentions
01:04:58 - Final Drafts
01:07:51 - To the Listeners

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