The Commander Tavern – 100th Video Commemoration | Thank You’s, Behind-the-Scenes, and Previews.

Greetings, everyone! Welcome to The Commander Tavern! I am Demented Kirby. This video has a lot of “thank you”s in the beginning and then shows some behind-the-scenes of the equipment I use for my channel. It will also show a recap of the decks I have and also some of the commander variants I own. I also give some tips on how to share your more expensive cards between your decks. It also contains a sneak peak into my 1,000-card commander cube as well as a sneak peak of some future content that I will do with the video. This video isn’t for everyone, but it is for everyone who has been with me on this journey in one way or another. So this video was done in gratitude with thanks, insight, previews, and some very bad video quality but hopefully soon the channel will be big enough where I’ll be able to get some actual video cameras and decent mics for it. I am a firm believer that high production quality ≠ high quality content; quality content = quality content regardless of the equipment you have access to. That being said, one of my goals is to continue growing and to provide even more quality content but with higher production value. Again, thanks to everyone who has been on this journey with me in one way or another. Hopefully you’ll stick around until episode 1,000!



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Music used in the video is a loop of “Fireside Tales”, a song provided by Darren Curtis. Thanks, Darren!

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