The Commander Tavern – Sliv-Mizzet vs Louvaq vs Slivdrazi vs Vazal – The Stage [S01E11]

Greetings, everyone! Welcome to The Commander Tavern! I am Demented Kirby and this is the 11th episode of one of the series on this channel, The Stage. This series is all about gameplays – hopefully showcasing some epic battles!

This episode of The Stage was played long distance via Cockatrice due to not being able to meet up with anyone due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Fortunately, I was able to play a game with Georg1os, one of the patrons of The Commander Tavern as well as HamsterFromSpace and Shadalan, the creators of the EDHSilver website (link here: ). You can also contact them through their discord server: . If you would also like to play with me via Cockatrice, you can reach out to me over on Twitter @CommanderTavern or though my Discord server: .

In this episode we’re playing with commanders chosen from the Mystery Booster Test Cards. Keep in mind that these commanders aren’t legal to use in constructed environments. These can only be used via Rule 0 (if your playgroup allows you to). Hopefully you enjoy the game!



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