The Spike Feeders - Magic: the Gathering Commander Gameplay | The Spike Feeders S1E9 (CASUAL)

Today we are leaving our basement recording studio behind and venturing out into the great outdoors (interior of a convention center) to bring you our first on location footage! Back in late October we took our rig out to C4 and with the permission/support from Fusion Gaming we filmed a couple episode for you guys. This episode features our first ever guest star the wonderful Paul. In this episode we are bringing the following casual decks to fight out who the best looking stud is;

Paul: Gonti, Lord of LUXURY (

Bill: Thousand-Year Turns (

Eliot: Everybody Walk the Dinosaur (

Jerry: Jund Value Town (

If you're wondering what app we used to determine a target on Paul's first Gonti trigger, it was Chwazi. It's a finger-choosing app that we use to determine turn order, determine which of the 5 of us is going to sit out, or even split up into groups when we play 2HG. It's definitely worth a download:

Chwazi on the Google Store:

Chwazi on the Apple Store:


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