Token Triumph - Precon Primer

(Emmara, Soul of the Accord | Art by Kai Carpenter)

Hello! This is Bert coming to you from the Scrap Trawlers, where we do EDH on a budget. We're your EDHREC precon guides, and I'm here again to give you some insight on how the Token Triumph Starter Commander Deck functions. This is going to include some information such as general themes, synergies, which cards are worth looking at, and what reprints are exciting! Let’s get started!

Square One

The Token Triumph precon is a Selesnya deck led by none other than Emmara, Soul of the Accord. Going off of Emmara alone we are leaning towards a token strategy focusing more on going wide. The initial shell of the deck comes with a multitude of ways to tap our commander so that we can create those Soldier tokens. In addition to those, we have some ways to not only produce tokens in our deck, we also have other creatures that can continue to swarm the board as well. So right from the start we have a deck that reinforces our go-wide strategies. Take a look at the deck list.


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With all of the cards giving us a solid strategy, lets go into just what cards are doing the most work.

Follow the Leader

As we look at the cards included in the deck we have token generation as their primary function with some Convoke being included as secondary options to activate our commander. In the deck's current state you may have an outlet to activate your commander every other turn or so, but you would be able to produce tokens through other means. Hornet Nest is a strong defensive card that can make us a number of flying deathtouching blockers. Both Maja, Bretagard Protector and Sporemound create tokens when a land enters the battlefield, with Maja going the distance and even buffing those creatures as well. With us being in green, we have more than a few ways to ramp out some lands giving these two cards ample chances to earn their keep. 

Since we are in the strategy of going wide we need some ways to buff our team so that we can get through. One of my favorite includes would be Champion of Lambholt. It doesn't just incentivize us to create tokens, it also pumps itself and makes it harder for our opponents to block. Also in this same school of thought is Thunderfoot Baloth. With our Commander having mana value two, we'll be able to have her on the field the majority of the time for the Lieutenant trigger. Loyal Guardian also buffs our team with some handy and permanent +1/+1 counters. With all of these and some other amazing options, we have a ton of ways to bolster our army so that they can overrun our opponents. 

Last but not least, let's go over some cards that are just good includes and will always pull through in a game for you. My favorite that is just a simple card is Idol of Oblivion. It is a cheap and efficient card draw source that, over the game, will provide for you so long as you can continue to make the one token per turn that it needs, which we have a number of options for. On the higher end of the scale we have Camaraderie; it's another card draw source that gives us incidental life gain and a buff to our creatures. It can be expensive mana-wise, but the ceiling is so high you can always at least give it a try.

How does the Army fair?

Token Triumph is an aggressive deck that aims to create tokens and ways to pump them with the plethora of buffs available to us. The deck is correctly named a Starter deck as it foregoes a lot of the common Commander cards to aid the strategy giving you the freedom to follow your own upgrade path. Focusing on accumulating a fighting force early game while chipping away at our opponents so that we can finish them with a mighty swing later on down the line. With a deck like this it is important to be mindful of overextension so that you don't overstep and lose too many resources to a board wipe.

Final Thoughts 

The Token Triumph Starter deck is a synergistic deck. It has a cohesive them that is easy to execute so even without the inclusion of format “staples” it will do a pretty good job in kitchen table games. The Citanul Hierophants reprint is pretty great pickup and might now see another is quite a bit. What do you think about the Token Triumph Starter Deck?

Come back again to check out our upgrade article that will give you a bunch of recommendations on cards you can use to power up your token army. Don't forget to check out the Scrap Trawlers on YouTube as well as our Twitch. Hope to see you all again soon!

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