Aristocards – Interview: MTG LGS Owner talks about potential WOTC + Amazon deal – ARISTOCARDS

When big news is announced about MTG/WOTC that has the potential to “hurt the local game store”, we usually only hear from the pundits and talking heads of the internet. I wanted to know: what does the LGS actually think? So, I sat down with the owner of Big Brother Comics (& Games) in Sacramento, CA to ask him a few questions and get the LGS’s perspective on some hot topics. Here are the questions I asked, along with the timecode to each, and yes, we do specifically talk about the Commander format:

00:23 – How long have you been the owner of Big Brother Comics?
00:50 – What motivated you to start your own store?
01:23 – You keep a clean store; what’s your method of organization?
02:00 – What is your relationship like with WOTC? Do you talk them?
02:53 – Is the feedback from the LGS taken seriously by WOTC?
03:55 – It was announced last year that WOTC is working more closely with Amazon, and many pundits have expressed that this could be detrimental to the LGS. Are you as worried as they are?
05:38 – Has Ravnica Allegiance been a big seller for you?
06:27 – In your 15 years as a shop owner, do you recall any times when the “doomsayers” predicted the “end of MTG”?
07:40 – What are the most popular MTG formats in your store?
08:44 – What are some of the aspects of the Commander format that you like and some that you dislike?
10:58 – Do you agree with Richard Garfield’s recent statement that individual cards that cost $40 – $50 should be considered for a reprint?
11:55 – Do you think that the reserve list is still needed in 2019?
14:35 – Mystery Question!!

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