Durdle MTG - The mysterious and sanity fraying Raven Man versus Orvar, Vaevictis Asmadi and Felisa.

Happy Halloween.

Nothing better in time for the holidays than a phantasmal image of a man with glowing, haunting eyes who, foreshadowing himself with a raven or two to break your peace of mind, will speak words so murky and opaque that truth and lies are meaningless, indiscernible. With this deck, we aim to drain our opponents' hand dry, counteract some of their card draw, and grind them down until they see nothing but the dark feathered wings of madness.

Deck List:

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Music from https://incompetech.com/music/:
"Unwritten Return" by Kevin Macleod
Music from Filmmusic.io
"Unity" by Kevin Macleod
"Sexy Julia" by Sascha Ende
"Hades" by Sascha Ende
"Betonwaldromantik" by Sascha Ende
All used under license.


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