Commander Cookout - CCO's SideWalk Slam 7 - Commander Gameplay | Giada vs. Tergrid vs. Bruvac vs. Yorvo | EDH | MtG

Welcome to CCO's SideWalk Slam 7! Support/become part of our awesome Discord community: - Big thanks to Patreon supporters who helped us pick decks and will be credited at the end of the game. Sponsors/discount providers: - 5% off all of your MTG singles. Use exclusive promo code: CCOSLAM at checkout. CCOPERKS promo […]

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Not Your Average Meta - NYAM Ep. 87: Minthara vs Wort vs Zegana vs Jodah MTG EDH Gameplay Video

This week on NYAM we’re bringing you a game we filmed a couple weeks ago down at The Hobby Horse before we took our holiday break. This weeks matchup features Minthara, Merciless Soul vs Wort, the Raidmother vs Zegana, Utopian Speaker vs Jodah, Archmage Eternal. Hope you enjoy! This weeks video is brought to you […]

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5 Games played total in this awesome pod? What more can I say about it, just awesome people to play some cool games. Even if some games had nearly a month break between them 😀 Funny insights with DEATH! Follow me on Twitter: Get my new merch HERE: Decklists: Chris: Jbread: […]

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MTG Muddstah - I'LL CRUSH YOU WITH MY BARE HANDS! Be'Lakor vs Megatron vs Jodah vs Ramos #edh #cmdr game play

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KingdomsTV - To Meld or Not to Meld | Commander Melee S2:E12 | Magic: the Gathering EDH Gameplay

Big commanders and big personalities in today's episode of high-power EDH! Support the Kingdom: ► If you are going to buy cards use the code: KINGDOMS1 for 10% off your first order at our LGS Game Grid: ► Get some fresh sleeves from Dragon Shield and use our link too: ► Check out […]

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Into the 99 - Angus mckenzie vs The The Ur-Dragon vs Elas il-Kor, vs Isshin - Into The 99 Live edh Ep 8

On this weeks episode we have a really fun game ! We have Angus mckenzie vs The The Ur-Dragon vs Elas il-Kor, Sadistic Pilgrim vs Isshin, Two Heavens. This was a really fun game and showcases a truly unique deck list ! You wont want to miss this one ! Angus mckenzie - This deck […]

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Cardboard Command - WNL | MTG Slanguary 2 With Does it Resolve Podcast! | Live MTG EDH | Commander Gameplay

🙂 Become an Official Commando | - Discord community access, online games, Stream Teams, product discounts and more! 💙 Send us a tip | **FANTASTIC GUEST** Big shoutout to our guests, David from the Does it Resolve Podcast and our good friend Spencer! ** DECK LISTS ** 🐲 Etali | 👻 Cadric, […]

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MTGLexicon - Game Spotlight EDH: Optimus Prime | Sisay | Hofri | Ultra Magnus

This is a rip roaring never boring game from one of our streams spotlighted for your enjoyment! If you like this video watch the full VOD here - Welcome to the Dive Bar of EDH and D&D, MTGLexicon’s non-competitive EDH/Commander stream mixed with drinks, friends, and other community members. Join us live each Saturday […]

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[FR] Les Chroniques du Commander - PRESTON, KENESSOS, ZASK, KIBO | SOIREE JUMPSTART 2022 Commander Club S3 EP09 | MTG EDH Live Gameplay

Bonne année et meilelurs voeux de la part de la team du Commander Club ! Pour bien débuter l'année on s'est dit qu'on allait tester un peu Jumpstart 2022, une édition déjà oublié (comme la moitié des sets sortis en 2022 il faut le dire...) N'hésitez pas à proposer des thèmes pour nos soirées du […]

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MTG Muddstah - Needs more blue! Mishra vs Alrund vs Marneus vs Feldon #edh #cmdr game

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