Happy Holidays from the EDHREC Crew!

Meet the EDHREC Crew!

We hope you're having a terrific holiday season! To celebrate the end of another wild year for the Commander format, we just wanted to share something that we hope will add a little whimsy to your festivities.

It takes a lot of work to make EDHREC run smoothly. If the site was a Vehicle card, it would have Crew 30. We've got a bunch of awesome folks here working on admin, programming, behind-the-scenes upgrades, and of course, writing awesome content to help inspire new brews and give more context to all this awesome data.

Season's greetings, from our EDHREC family to yours.

The Podcasters

Joey Schultz - Commander Showdown; Article editor

Dana Roach - Superior Numbers

Matt Morgan - 60 to 100

Ken Peddle - EDHREC Podcast Editor

The Writers

Angelo Guerrera - Archetune-Up

Doug Young - Too-Specific Top Ten

Joseph Megill - Ranking Every Land with EDHREC

Kya Vess - Bringing Magic to Life

Ben Doolittle - Conditions Allow

Tom Anderson - The Suite-est Thing

Kyle Keller - Forgotten Harvest

Steven Vincent - Monomania

Bernardo Melibeu - Epic Experiment

Charles Allison - Historically Speaking

Elijah Klein - The Toobox

Eric Seidl - Lore Seeker

Jeremy Podczerwinski - Mind Bend

Kyle Massa - Mechanically Minded

Mason Brantley - Underdog's Corner

Seth "DM" Cross - Replacement Commanders

Andrew Cummings - Ultra Budget Brews

Willem-Jan Rensink - Shape Anew

Christian Alexander - EDHREC Instagram @edh_rec

The Administrators

Jason Alt - Content Manager

Jack Kaupanger - Copy Editor

Henry Stukenborg - Former Editor

Nate Burgess - Commander Focus; Programmer

David Keatts - Programmer

Tom Buck - Admin

Donald Miner - Creator of EDHREC

Your benevolent EDH overlords, bringing you top quality content from around the multiverse.

EDHREC Code of Conduct

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