KingdomsTV – Aesi v Yasova v Rhys v Phelddigrif | S2:E3 Diamond Commander League | EDH Gameplay MTG

There are “infinite” possibilities in today’s high-power EDH game. Did we play it right?

Monthly Achievements:
Eye of the Beholder – 5 HP – Only Black Border cards in your deck
Rocks & Dorks – 5 HP – Control five or more mana rocks or five or more mana dorks at one time
Overachiever – 10 HP – Destroy a creature, bounce a non-land permanent, and counter a spell all in one turn
Bourgeoisie – 10 HP – Own 10 or more non-land, non-token permanents during one of your main phases

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0:00 Intro

Carlos – Yasova Dragonclaw –
Ben – Rhys the Redeemed –
Jordan – Aesi, Tyrant of Gyre Strait –
Dillon – Phelddagrif –

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