NeoRoyal - (EDH) Grothama Vs Toggo & Silas Vs Radiant Vs Shadrix - Commander Gameplay Ep.44 (MWB Fitz & Gabe!)

Hello Hello!
Ep.44 is a special one as it is my first showing of Shadrix Silverquill as my new voltron commander deck! I'm 10 games in and really like the way the deck plays out, the pace seems a lot better than his predecessor (Azor the Lawbringer).

Joining me today, we have quite the table!

Gabe also known as ICETEP, Peter AKA MonoWhiteBorder and MrFitztyFitz!
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Toggo Goblin Weaponsmith and Silas Renn, Adept Seeker (Deathtouch Control and Combo) :`
Radiant, Archangel (Flying Tribal Voltron) :
Shadrix Silverquill (Voltron Hatebears) :

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