NeoRoyal - (EDH) Meren Vs Akiri Vs Kykar Vs Shadrix - Commander Gameplay Ep.47 (Feat. Alan & Mythic Frames!)

Good Thursday everyone!
We have a very special episode today, one of the first gameplays with the new Mythic Frames from Alter Sleeve!
Alan worked with Damaride Neuromancer to create these awesome looking graveyard frames and we get to see them in action!
We have the same pod from last week, so you just know it's gonna be a good match.

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Akiri, Fearless Voyager (Voltron with Zirda) :
Kykar, Wind's Fury (Jeskai Polymorph) :
Meren of Clan Nel Toth :
Shadrix Silverquill (Hatebears Voltron) :

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Let's get that Muldrotha! #Graveyardgang

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