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This week the hosts partnered with /r/BudgetBrews, the one-stop shop for budget EDH on Reddit. BudgetBrews ran their "Criminally Underplayed" contest - who can brew the best list for under $50 using commanders with less than 100 decks on Today we're playing the top 4 contestants submissions!

The Top 4 submissions are:

1st: ValksNut's Mowu -

[Contest] Criminally Underplayed - Mowu, Loyal Companion from BudgetBrews

2nd: Stokes2230's Who Even Untaps Anymore?-

[Contest] Criminally Underplayed - Who even untaps anymore from BudgetBrews

3rd: Pugilisari's Balthor Shift -

[Contest] Balthor Shift AKA Balthor's Criminally Underplayed (But Not For Long) from BudgetBrews

4th: Toglerog's Worldgorger Kaalia -

Be sure to check out these budget lists and obscure commanders. Swing by /r/BudgetBrews for more excellent lists that don't cost a paycheck!

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