Heartless Hidetsugu + Tainted Strike

Heartless Hidetsugu
Tainted Strike

Heartless Hidetsugu must be on the battlefield. Tainted Strike must be in hand. Heartless Hidetsugu does not have summoning sickness. Your opponents have a life total of twenty or greater, minus two for each poison counter they have. Your life total is no greater than nineteen, minus two for each poison counter you have. Mana needed: b
  1. Cast Tainted Strike by paying b, giving Heartless Hidetsugu +1/+0 and infect until end of turn.
  2. Activate Heartless Hidetsugu by tapping it, causing each player to get a number of poison counters equal to half their life total, rounded down.
  3. Each opponent loses the game due to having ten or more poison counters.
Each opponent loses the game.