Frequently Asked Questions

How are signature cards determined?

Signature cards are the cards with the highest synergy ratings (see next question). Synergy ratings are based on how popular a card is with a given commander vs. how popular that card is with decks in general. For instance, Leyline of Singularity has a very high synery rating with Empress Galina because it is run in very many Empress Galina decks, but very few blue decks.

How is synergy calculated?

Synergy is calculated by taking the percentage of the times that card is in this pool of decks, subtracted by the percentage of times that card is in other decks of the same color identities. For example, If Basilisk Collar has a synergy score of +27% synergy score in Olivia Voldaren, it's because 41% of Olivia Voldaren decks play the card while 14% of Black/Red decks play it (41% - 14% = 27%). The higher the synergy score, the more this card is "special" to this commander, which is different than a top card like Sol Ring.

Where do EDHREC's decks come from?

Whenever a deck is submitted from TappedOut or Deckstats, it is recorded in our database.

How up to date is EDHREC's data?

EDHREC pages are generated on a nightly basis. Most of the number crunching goes on at night so the website runs smoothly during the day.

How do I use EDHREC as a resource for more competitive decks?

See this post:

What do I do if my question isn't answered here?

You can email us at If enough people ask us the same question, we'll post it here.