Extra Turns - What is the Most Powerful Precon EVER?! | Extra Turns #27 | Magic: The Gathering Commander Gameplay

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Show Notes:

Not all precons are created equal. But which are the MOST POWERFUL of all time? That’s the question we try to answer in this episode.

Each player has chosen what they believe to be the strongest precon deck ever made. Now, Twitch streamer Voxy and CAG member Rebell Son are here to face-off against JLK and Murph, to prove their case. Which will fall in battle, and which will emerge as… The Most Powerful Precon Ever?

It’s Atraxa vs. Tariel vs. Osgir vs. Aesi


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Deck Lists:

Kaalia Precon Deck List (Rebell):

Osgir Precon Deck List (JLK):

Aesi Precon Deck List (Murph):

Atraxa Precon Deck List (Voxy):



Directed by: Josh Murphy
Edited by: Terry Robertson
Post Production Supervisor: Josh Murphy
Executive Producer: Josh Lee Kwai
Co-Producer: Jimmy Wong
Additional Editing by: Josh Murphy and Arthur Meadowcroft
Special FX and GFX: Terry Robertson
Director of Photography: Jake Boss
Sound Mix: Josh Murphy


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