Osgir, the Reconstructor | Upping the Average

Check out the final list here: https://archidekt.com/decks/1396424#Upping_the_Average_-_Osgir,_the_Reconstructor Title sequence by Daniel Woodling / MTG Explainers: https://bit.ly/3982yYa Card images courtesy of Scryfall: https://scryfall.com/ Elevate by LiQWYD https://soundcloud.com/liqwyd Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported — CC BY 3.0 Free Download / Stream: https://bit.ly/liqwyd-elevate Music promoted by Audio Library https://youtu.be/nwV8HN0m2eA

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Family Feud – Strixhaven Precon Playtest

Father & Son Mark & Max playtested the heck out of the Lorehold and Prismari precons! Here are their findings.

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[IT] Siberian89 – Osgir, the Reconstructor Commander Decktech MTGEDH ITA

Osgir, the Reconstructor è uno dei tentativi di Dr Dom di far funzionare i comandanti Boros di Commander 21 in EDH ed ecco la sua deck tech! Anonima Viandanti è un progetto a tema Magic the Gathering nato dalla voglia di divertirsi e di divertire. Seguici e vieni a trovarci sui social! Twitch | anonimaviandanti […]

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NeoRoyal – (EDH Strixhaven Precons) Osgir, the Reconstructor Vs Willowdusk, Essence Seer – Commander 1v1 Sp.9

Hello! Me and Kelly are here to help you answer the ever recurring question, should you buy this new magic product? Today we feature a 1v1 match between the Lorehold Precon and the Witherbloom one from the C21 set. Each player got to change 7 cards from the list for any card in the Strixhaven […]

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[FR] La Tour de Commandement – La Tour de Commandement #87 – Commander 2021 : Forsapience & Prismari [Magic the Gathering]

Bienvenue dans la Tour de Commandement ! Envie de parler un peu du Commander ? Vous êtes au bon endroit. En parallèle de Strixhaven, les cinq decks de Commander 2021 sont là pour nous régaler ! On regarde avec Aymeric quelles bonnes surprises nous réservent les decks Forsapience et Prismari. Les listes des decks : […]

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Cardboard Command – WNL 33 #Commander2021 | Osgir vs Esix vs Breena vs Alibou | MTG Commander Gameplay

📦📦📦 Support the Channel: https://www.patreon.com/cardboardcommand This month’s promo: Be entered into a draw to win a Happy Yargle Day Secret Lair! Become an official Commando through Patreon and gain access to incredible membership perks like Patron-only WEEK, our Discord community, and ensure our content keeps coming.​ Welcome to some #live C21 gameplay​ with Cardboard Command! […]

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Into the 99 – Into The 99 Podcast | Episode: 83 | Strixhaven: Osgir, the Reconstructor | Deck Tech

On this weeks episode Brian, NekroZach, Lotus & Ryan discuss NekroZachs new Deck. With the release of Strixhaven NekroZach has finally stepped out of his comfort zone and built a Boro… we mean Lorehol… no no Its Borhold colours, Red and White, brewing the commander Osgir, the Reconstructor. Sit back and relax and listen to […]

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The Commander Crew – Unboxing The Lorehold C21 Precon Deck || The Commander Crew || Magic The Gathering EDH

They changed what’s in the box!? Join Corey as he unboxes the C21 Lorehold Precon Commander deck from Strixhaven and see what’s changed! ———- Support The Commander Crew: https://linktr.ee/TheCommanderCrew​​ Check out our latest video: —– Huge thanks to GFX Designer on twitter for our intro and outro animation along with the new logo: Intro Animation […]

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Commander VS – Commander 2021 Preconstructed Decks | MTG Commander Gameplay | Commander VS #242

Class is now in session! Enjoy this fresh MTG Commander gameplay, as the crew puts the Commander 2021 Preconstructed decks to the test! Which college will come out victorious? Tune in and find out! Are you on team Justin, Jeremy, Stephen, or Jonathan? Let us know in the comment section below! Decklists: https://articles.starcitygames.com/video/commander-vs-242-battle-of-the-commander-2021-preconstructed-decks/ More Magic: […]

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The 600 – Predicting the Popularity of Commander 2021 & Strixhaven Commanders