Gemstone Mine - Casual Decks -- Deck Alignment

There may be no topic more heated in the Commander community today than what defines a "casual" deck. This week, we're taking a look at one definition suggested by friend of the show Sage of Fables in another episode delving into their deckbuilding rubric!
00:00 Introduction
01:13 Defining "Casual" Decks
03:04 ETB Tapped Lands
04:40 Higher Mana Curve
07:39 Slower Card Velocity
08:17 Why Build a Casual Deck?
09:16 Is It Still Casual If?...
10:11 How to Build a Casual Deck
14:42 Closing Thoughts
- Our theme song is "Lonely Satellite" by Bio Unit licensed via Creative Commons
- Shoutout to Sage of Fables for their Deckbuilding Rubric: or
- Sage is also on YouTube!
- Sage's Deckbuilding Rubric is available here:
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