Mental Misplay – Artisan EDH Uncommon Commander Trelessara x Ripley Vance x Imoti x Tatyova s01e34

Mental Misplay presents NOXIOUS REVIVAL x s01e34 – a LIVE EDH Gameplay VOD from our MTG Commander streams uploaded every weekday!!! Today we have a special new format called Artisan! Brought to my attention by Alex Kessler of Masters of Modern, that uses a common or uncommon legendary commander and consistas of Uncommons and […]

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MTG Muddstah – Trelasarra vs Grist vs Wulfgar vs Klothys EDH / CMDR game play for Magic: The Gathering

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[IT] Underground Sea – Underground Sea – EDH – Trelasarra, Moon Dancer

Guida EDH dedicata a Trelasarra, Moon Dancer, illustrando strategie e carte utili per la costruzione di un archetipo che sfrutti il suo potenziale. Materiale: Merchandising: Ci vuoi offrire un Caffé? Underground Sea è sponsorizzato da Card Market ( Email: Musica: Bush Week by Nihilore New Beginning by Del. Reminisce […]

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How to Give Good Deck Advice | EDHRECast 178

Deckbuilding is a collaborative art! We’re sitting down this week to discuss the best methods of helping other players tune up their decks, and how it can be a learning experience for ALL players involved. Support the cast on Patreon! Check out our new custom altersleeves at EDHREC is sponsored by CardKingdom,, […]

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Into the 99 – Trelasarra, Moon Dancer | Deck Tech | Brewin’ It LIVE

What better way than continue with the D&D flow of things than with our latest build! Life gain and scry… what can we do with this? To see the finished deck please visit,_Moon_Dancer Check out more amazing content here or visit Check out Into The 99 Patreon For Merch Visit Track: […]

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Commander Mechanic – LIFEGAIN AGGRO with Trelasarra, Moon Dancer 🛠 Budget Commander Deck Tech

#EDH #Commander #MTG In this quick deck tech I take a look at one of the new uncommon commanders from Adventures in the Forgotten Realms: Trelassara, Moon Dancer! Can we do lifegain on a $50 budget? Take a look! 🛠Deck List🛠 Submit Your Decklist with a brief description to: ✏ Email: ✏ Twitter: […]

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Cut-Rate Commander – Trelasarra, Moon Dancer | Life Gain and Counters| Commander | EDH | Budget | Cut-Rate Commander

Cut-Rate Commander – Episode 20 – Featuring Trelasarra, Moon Dancer The Forgotten Realms brings us another non-evil Drow in the form of Trelasarra, Moon Dancer, who will be helming a life gain and +1/+1 counter themed deck grow both our creatures and our life totals. This deck will be focusing on large amounts of small […]

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The 600 – Predicting the Popularity of Forgotten Realms Commanders

Adventures in the Forgotten Realms Set Review – Gold

The Commander Crew – Trelassara, Moon Dancer EDH Quick Take || The Commander Crew || Magic The Gathering Commander

Chris breaks down Trelassara, Moon Dancer commander from the new Adventures in the Forgotten Realms Magic X D&D set. This is not a full deck tech but a list of cards that could be super fun to play in this deck in some capacity! Now lets grab some d20’s and roll some dice! Decklist: […]

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