Gemstone Mine - Touch the Spirit Realm -- Hidden Gems

There were a lot of powerful cards printed in Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty, but some were overshadowed by others. Touch the Spirit Realm isn't just another Oblivion Ring, and may deserve another look as a piece of responsible removal in your deck! - Our background music is "Maze" by Bio Unit licensed via Creative Commons - […]

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Gemstone Mine - Okotoberfest 2022 Tournament Report

What happens when you bring a fringe deck 2-color deck with a Commander-centric combo to the largest in-person paper cEDH tournament in US history? John breaks down a round-by-round recounting of Okotoberfest 2022, where he piloted an Azorius Vhal, Candlekeep Researcher deck to a top 16 finish! Want to hear how this fringe deck managed […]

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Gemstone Mine - Tutors & Card Access Part 3 -- Wedges, Shards and High-Color Decks

Closing out our series on Tutors and Card Access, we finally get to the higher-color decks: shards, wedges, four-color and five-color! There are some really interesting things we can find as we broaden our color base, creating new and interesting lines to get from a particular tutor to the final card type that you want. […]

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Gemstone Mine - Okotoberfest Fringe cEDH Decks in Top-16!

Okotoberfest was this past weekend in Philadelphia, and four-color partner decks filled the top pod. But there were a lot of interesting fringe decks that showed up and performed well, including an Azorious combo list that yours truly brought all the way to the top 16! More thoughts on the deck after the tournament next […]

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Gemstone Mine - Tutors & Card Access (part 2: Guilds!)

Now we get to the fun stuff: how multicolored decks in Commander can make use of tutors! Each color's suite of tutors plays into other colors' tutors in different ways, and these can create some fascinating options for lines in various two-color decks! This week, we're going guild by guild to talk about all ten […]

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Gemstone Mine - Tutors & Card Access (part 1)

They always have it. How do they always have it? How come *you* never get to have it? Certain colors and color-identities in Commander gel better with the tutors they can use to more consistently access specific types of cards, which in turn facilitates some deck strategies better than others. This week, we start our […]

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Gemstone Mine - Bad Matchups -- Lessons from cEDH

If you play this format long enough, you find some decks which are really difficult for some of your favorite decks to play against. Sometimes you can ask your opponent to switch out to a different deck, but sometimes you need to know how to play through an opponent's strategy to come out on top! […]

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Gemstone Mine - How to Brew a Casual Deck

Many cEDH players ask the question, "How do I brew a casual deck again?" It can seem like a major challenge to "unlearn" all the efficiencies and combos that many cEDH brewers rely on to hone their decks, but there are some fairly simple tips you can use to make a deck that's both satisfying […]

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Gemstone Mine - Celestine, Living Saint Beats -- Instant Brew!

There's a new quartet of Commander decks coming out, and some Commanders are getting more hype than others. As usual, John wants to look at one of the more overlooked legends in the set, and he's going to try to brew Celestine, Living Saint in a reasonable amount of time. Which in his mind usually […]

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Gemstone Mine - Flexibility, Synergy and Layering

"Play more flexible cards! Pick more synergistic pieces! Don't forget to layer your wincons!" All useful advice, but just what do people mean when they throw these buzzwords at you? It can be confusing for a brewer trying to make their first big upgrades to a deck, or brew a new deck from scratch. This […]

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