NeoRoyal - (EDH) Surrak Vs Thraximundar Vs Vadrok Vs Lathril - Commander Gameplay Ep.95 (In person gameplay!)

Welcome to Ep.95 of Commander Gameplay!
We are live from Proxy's Studio in Toronto playing in person commander!
We got to meet in person after two years of online teamwork so it was really cool.
I hope you enjoy.

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Decklists :
Surrak Dragonclaw (Eldrazi, Big mana, Annihilator) :
Thraximundar (Tax Effetcs, Attrition, Voltron) :
Vadrok, Apex of Thunder (Magda Hidden Commander, Changelings, Dragon, Dwarves) :
Lathril, Blade of the Elves (Upgraded Precon, Elves, Tribal, Go wide) :

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Music from Harris Heller
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Surrak Dragonclaw,Eldrazi, Big mana, Annihilator,Thraximundar,tax Effetcs, Attrition, Voltron,
Vadrok, Apex of Thunder,Magda,Brazen Outlaw, Hidden Commander, Changelings, Dragon, Dwarves,edited,commentary,4 players,full match,high quality,live reactions,guests,high power,fast,quick,optimized,casual,

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