Commander Quest - How To Use Moxfield!

Moxfield is one of the most powerful and popular Magic: the Gathering Deckbuilding sites, here’s how to use it!
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憂鬱 - 憂鬱 - Moon
curse of silence by Irina Nordsol
codie, vociferous codex by Daniel Ljunggren
facepalming clip from Naked Gun, hopefully i don't have copyright issues with that.
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I use the playedh’s power level guidelines find them here
galazeth deck used for scripting
galazeth deck used for b-roll
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0:00 intro
0:06 account
0:15 new deck
1:12 adding cards
1:41 deck view options
1:59 settting the commander
2:07 card menu
2:31 card search
3:15 price
3:30 bulk edit
3:45 quick add
4:19 create primer
4:43 playtest
5:37 tags
6:21 deck information
6:35 tokens
6:38 history
6:51 deck stats
7:05 sample hands
7:11 other decks with
7:18 deck search
7:21 compare
7:49 add to another deck
7:56 highlighter
8:10 export
8:21 hotkeys
8:51 Moxfield on mobile
8:59 deck settings
9:09 I use Archidekt
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