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Big Wave Surfin' Nissa is an explosive Oathbreaker list capable of one-shotting whole pods on the reg. Tubular!

Check out this gnarly list that routinely plays out your entire library and gives all your creatures haste so you can crash down on opponents for hundreds of trample damage.

Oathbreaker is a fast-paced multiplayer EDH variant the uses 60 card decks, 20 starting life total, a planeswalker as your Oathbreaker (Commander), and a signature spell in your command zone that can't be cast unless your Oathbreaker is in play.

Check out the list -
Deck List -

Johnny's Ashiok Mill List -
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Spike's Wrenn and Six Lands List:
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Timmy's Garruk Walker Predator List -
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Deck Tech -

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