Vampiric Bloodline Upgrade Guide

vampiric bloodline edh commander upgrade list

Welcome to the Nitpicking Nerds Precon Upgrade Guide for the Vampiric Bloodline deck, where we remove the suboptimal cards and replace them with synergy, power, and consistency in order for this deck to turn into an unstoppable Blood factory!

When upgrading any Commander precon, it’s important to stick pretty closely to this basic checklist:

  • Focus on the strengths of your commander.
  • Stick to one main strategy to avoid having an unfocused final product.
  • Cut the cards that belong to other strategies altogether.
  • Increase the deck’s overall power by including win conditions that don’t rely solely on combat.

This deck is all about damaging each player to stock up on Blood, so it can use them for Madness synergies or to cheat out expensive Vampires with Strefan’s ability! Once we have enough Vampires in play, we will be able to dominate the game.

The first thing to do with all of these precons is to cut all of the cards that don’t fit our main strategy.

  • Mob Rule is a massive Threaten effect, but serves almost no purpose in Vampire tribal.
  • Imposing Grandeur is a cool card, but is almost useless when our commander’s mana value is 4.
  • Predators’ Hour is interesting, but too finicky to justify keeping. Cutting it will just help the deck run more smoothly.
  • Sinister Waltz is close to our theme, since we are discarding cards from Blood tokens, but we’d rather be in control of what we return.

The Blood theme in this deck is extremely shallow; we are going to be taking full advantage of Blood tokens with our upgraded deck, but some of the worse payoffs need to come out in order to make space.

The next things to trim are the Vampires. We want a critical mass in play, but we can certainly do better than what the precon offers initially.

With the Vampires and Blood synergy finished, it’s time to examine the ramp, removal, and card draw.

Finally, the last thing to do is to get rid of a solid chunk of the lands.

  • As with all bounce lands, Rakdos Carnarium needs synergy to avoid being cut from a Nitpicking Nerds deck.
  • Temple of the False God remains a Commander trap, and Unclaimed Territory won’t perform any better than a regular dual land, and stinks for fixing if you want to cast non-Vampire spells.
  • As for basic lands, we’ve cut 7 Swamps and 5 Mountains to make room for all the goodies we’re looking to add to help fuel our Blood-making.

After all of those cuts comes the best part: adding in the synergistic and powerful cards! We’re going to start by introducing a much more robust Blood package.

As for other Vampires and Vampire tribal synergies, we have a few additions in that category as well.

Let’s now look at which ramp, removal, and card draw we’ve added to replace those previous underwhelming inclusions.

Finally, the land upgrades:

That does it for this deck upgrade of Vampiric Bloodline; once you remove the extra fluff and power up those Blood synergies, you’ll be due for plenty of Victories!

The Nitpicking Nerds are two Commander-loving best friends who make awesome Youtube videos. Every fiber of their being is committed to helping people power up their decks, gain percentage points, and have more fun playing the best format in the world!