Into the 99 - Urza, Prince of Kroog - The Howling Legion

On this week's episode the group talks about a new commander from the Brothers war, Urza, Prince of Kroog. Urza gives us the ability to create many tokens that are copies of our artifacts and enables tons of really entertaining game play. This deck has been an absolute blast to play and is sure to […]

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Cardboard Command - WNL 76 | Infected Commando's Only! | Live MTG EDH | Commander Gameplay

🙂 Become an Official Commando | - Discord community access, online games, Stream Teams, product discounts and more! 💙 Send us a tip | **FANTASTIC GUEST** Big shoutout to our amazing Patrons Charisse and Knight of Baawa for joining us! ** DECK LISTS ** 🤖 Memnarch | 👺 Alibou, Ancient Witness | […]

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The Nitpicking Nerds - Commander Cards MOST Worth Buying (December 2022)

End the year in style by picking up cards that will give you VALUE for your dollar! Check out this sweet list we've compiled and see if it sparks inspiration for you! Use our Tcgplayer affiliate link to buy cards: Order cool shirts AND save 10% with our IntoTheAM link! Buying Dragon Shield […]

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[DE] Herumkommandiert - Herumkommandiert LIVE - Halloween Special mit Dominik Mayer

Eine richtig spooky Commanderrunde gab es bei uns an Halloween, mit niemand geringerem als dem grandiosen MTG Artist Dominik Mayer als Gast. Dominik malt nicht nur phantastische Artworks, sondern braut auch schaurig flavour-volle Decks: sein Haunted House Deck könnte Vorlage für den nächsten Horrofilm-Hit sein. Können unsere läppischen Spinnen, Skelette und Deathbringer dagegen ankommen? Folgt […]

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[DE] Salt Wars - Commander Review "Brothers War" | Salt Talk #02 [Deutsch]

"The Brothers War" ist da und überrollt das Commander Format mit vielen neuen, mächtigen Legenden. Welche sind stark genug, um aus ihnen ein Deck zu bauen? Welche passt zu dir? Und wer ist nun der stärkere der Brüder? Mishra oder Urza? Björn und Jan haben die Antworten für dich parat. -------- Folge uns auf Instagram […]

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Epic Experiment - Jodah

Jodah takes on a new twist: Secret Commander Norin the Wary!

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Gemstone Mine - Okotoberfest 2022 Tournament Report

What happens when you bring a fringe deck 2-color deck with a Commander-centric combo to the largest in-person paper cEDH tournament in US history? John breaks down a round-by-round recounting of Okotoberfest 2022, where he piloted an Azorius Vhal, Candlekeep Researcher deck to a top 16 finish! Want to hear how this fringe deck managed […]

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The GMGC - EDH gameplay Ganax, Astral Hunter/Haunted One vs Torbran vs Magar vs Tawnos

Been a min. Back at with all the missed triggers. Ganax

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Extra Turns - All-Out Commander Action | Extra Turns #29 | Magic: The Gathering Commander Gameplay

Support the show and become a Patron! Be a part of our community, receive awesome rewards, and more! ---------- Show Notes: We’re back with another exciting Commander showdown featuring some of our favorite high-power homebrews. Twitch streamer Voxy returns to sow chaos against Ashlen, JLK, and Jake Boss in a game full of big, […]

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[IT] MaNa TuBe - raffine vs sythis I Centurion Commander Gameplay I

Se non l'avete ancora fatto iscivetevi al canale Abbonati a questo canale per accedere ai vantaggi: Anche Patreon è un ottimo modo per darci il sostegno per continuare e avere nuovi spunti dove possiamo creare video appositamente per te come questo qua ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Mana TuBe è un canale gestito da due […]

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