The Nitpicking Nerds - Commander Quickie #9: Hidden Gems (Volume 1)

It's our first installment of Hidden Gems: a list of underrated cards and why you should give them a try! Most of these will make fine additions in decks you're already running, and maybe a few of them will even give you inspiration for a new deck! Consider Supporting us via Patreon! Like us […]

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MTG Muddstah - Daretti vs Ghalta vs Atraxa vs Derevi EDH / CMDR game play for Magic: The Gathering

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Mechanically Minded - Gates

Maze's End Commander Deck EDH

If you've been drafting the Gates deck on MtG Arena, you'll love this EDH Guildgate brew.

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The Spike Feeders - Magic: the Gathering Commander Gameplay | The Spike Feeders S2E9

We're back for another competitive commander game! This week Jim is pretending S2E8 never happened, reprising PST. Will he be able to show off what the deck is actually capable of? You'll have to watch to find out! Decklists: Jim: Paradox Scepter Thrasios ( deck credit to ShaperSavant and AlwaysSleepy Eliot: Tatyova ( Jan: Food […]

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Commander Cookout Ep105 - Pet Decks

Hello and welcome to the bonus episode for the Arc of Double Baked Brews! On today's show, the boys hit up some of their most beloved decks. Their pet decks, if you will. Pet deck topics covered, What are they? How do they come into existence, How to recognize them, and many more. If you'd […]

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Jumbo Commander - Rakdos the Showstopper Commander Deck Tech

Rakdos the Showstopper is not just a tribal deck. It is a much more nuanced commander that requires a control shell to finally let the demons fly. Decklist: Thank you supporting Jumbo Commander! Patreon: Twitter: @JumboCommander Email: Music: Longing by Joakim Karud Music promoted by Audio Library

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Aristocards - Mega Man Battle Royale | DEATH BATTLE!

5 super fighting robots are here to settle the score! Which Mega Man is the most mega of the men? Try Blue Apron! Get $60 off at Check out 23&Me! Get your Health + Ancestry Service kit today at Click to Subscribe: OFFICIAL DEATH BATTLE SUGGESTION FORM: Get the MUSIC from […]

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One More Mana - Kagemaro, the First to Suffer Deck Tech | Magic: the Gathering EDH

Please enjoy the deck techs provided by One More Mana. If you enjoy the video please Like and Subscribe to our channel and social media to join the ManaSquad. #Ravnica #Decktech #EDH Deck list: Twitter: Facebook: #Decktech #EDH #Kamigawa

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The Trinisphere - Momir Vig vs Lavinia of the Tenth vs Ruric Thar vs Teysa, Orzhov Scion | The Trinisphere | MTG

The hosts put their Guild Kit Upgrade lists to the test in this week's matchup! Each player converted a RNA Guildkit into a budget EDH deck by adding cards all under $1. Momir Vig Combo vs Lavinia Pillow Fort vs Ruric Thar Beats vs Teysa Tokens - Whose budget build will emerge this week's Trinisphere […]

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Commander VS - Commander VS S14E7: Sharuum vs Jhoira vs Melek vs Kynaios and Tiro [EDH]

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