The Commander Tavern - Play Commander Boxing League for Free | Barkeep Upkeep [S01E13]

Greetings, everyone! Welcome to The Commander Tavern! I am Demented Kirby and this is the 13th episode of one of the series on this channel, Barkeep Upkeep. This episode serves to show viewers how to play commander boxing league completely for free. Hopefully it's useful to everyone! If you want to read up on what […]

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The Nitpicking Nerds - Secret Tech: Multicolor | Underplayed and Undervalued Gold Cards in Commander

We're looking at Secret Tech Gold cards: that's underplayed powerhouses for commander! Use our Tcgplayer affiliate link to buy cards: The Nitpicking Nerds Discord is OPEN! Consider Supporting us via Patreon! Check out our Nitpicking Nerds MERCH and show your support: Check Joe Cherries out LIVE on Twitch Weekdays 10-4 EST: […]

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Commander Mechanic - Sakashima of a Thousand Faces & Miara, Thorn of the Glade & Gyruda, Doom of Depths 🛠 Novembrew

#ExtraLife #EDH #Commander Donate to ExtraLife today: ALL channel proceeds this month go to SickKids Children's Network. Our FINAL Novembrew list is a revisit of one of our firsts - we take a look at how my Zaxara & Gyruda list has evolved since the release of Commander Legends. Now it's a 3-commander deck […]

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MTG Muddstah - Titania vs Aurelia vs Xenagos vs Elesh Norn EDH / CMDR game play for Magic: The Gathering

Ranking Every Planeswalker with EDHREC – Part 12: I Speak for the Trees, They Want to Murder You

Commander Central - 233 – Playing EDH Your Way

Dana, Max and Chris welcome Patreon supporter Dylan to the show. Today they are discussing a topic provided by Dylan, playing EDH Your Way. How do we keep playing EDH our way when there might be a clear path WotC wants us to take when it comes to products or individual cards. TeeSpring Link for […]

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MagicalHacker - 🌎 The Absolute BEST Cards from Zendikar Rising! - VAULT OF THE ARCHANGEL E10

Welcome to Vault of the Archangel! Today, I'm unveiling the twenty six cards from Zendikar Rising that I'm adding into my personal decks. Will you agree with all my picks? Watch to find out! 🎉 JOIN MY TEAM ON PATREON: 🖼 SUPPORT ME BY BUYING ACCESSORIES ON INKEDGAMING: MagicalHacker Playmat 📺 VIEW OTHER EPISODES […]

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The 99 - Hidden Gems & Underplayed Cards in Red! | Must Own Essentials | MTG EDH cEDH Commander Discussion

If you enjoy the content provided on The 99 and have wanted to help support the Channel directly, you can do so by becoming a Patron! There are a few perks that come along with it too, just visit here to find out more: ----- "Looking for more Commander content? Join me over on […]

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Commander Mechanic - Jared Carthalion, True Heir Deck Tech 🛠 Novembrew

#ExtraLife #EDH #Commander Donate to ExtraLife today: ALL channel proceeds this month go to SickKids Children's Network - please help in any way you can. Today's deck is a Naya list focused on two things - wearing the crown and getting PUNCHY! Jared Carthalion, True Heir heads up this list crammed with direct damage, […]

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Praetor Magic - 3 Dollar Highlander | Season 10, Game 9 | Budget Commander

***REMEMBER TO LIKE, COMMENT AND SUBSCRIBE! IF YOU ARE SUBSCRIBED, RING THE BELL TO RECEIVE NOTIFICATIONS OF NEW VIDEOS!*** 3 Dollar Highlander (3DH) is a budget variant of Commander played on Magic Online. Each deck only costs 3 TIX, or $3, making it the cheapest way to play the best format in all of Magic: […]

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