Cure for the Common Game - The 360's

Welcome to Cure for the Common Game! Join me on my quest to build an EDH deck for every legendary creature. Today we're looking at decks #360 through #369.

Deck #360 - Etali, Primal Storm

With this mono-red deck, we try to solve red's card-drawing problem by "drawing" cards from other players' decks.

Deck #361 - Ezuri, Claw of Progress

Seedborn Muse + Opposition + tokens + some other busted things. Nobody does Elves quite like Simic.

Deck #362 - Zo-Zu, the Punisher

Sometimes it hurts to play Magic.

Deck #363 - Atarka, World Render

Good ol' fashioned Gruul Dragons!

Deck #364 - Kumano, Master Yamabushi

Exactly how many times can we activate his ability? Let's find out.

Deck #365 - Venser, Shaper Savant

It's Venser's Flashdance: everything at instant speed!

Deck #366 - Lim-Dul, the Necromancer

Probably the best non-Zombie Zombie commander.

Deck #367 - Lord Windgrace

I finally get the Landfall deck going. It's kinda hard to make this one bad.

Deck #368 - Lieutenant Kirtar

Removal baked right into the commander. If only there was a way to avoid that commander tax....

Deck #369 - Kuon, Ogre Ascendant

Mono. Black. Removal. 'Nuff said.

That's it for this go around! Thank you all for watching/reading.

I will see you next time, just as soon as I finish the 370's! Until then, crack some packs, build some decks, support your LGS, but most importantly, have fun.

- Canada out

Brian Canada is a husband, father, grandfather who is so addicted to EDH that he has taken on a mission to build a deck of every legendary creature ever made, and in his spare time he sells groceries.