The Command Zone — Lessons from The Great War

Support the show and become a Patron! Be a part of our community, receive awesome rewards, and more 🙂 ---------- Show Notes: World War 1 (often called The Great War) is one of the most devastating struggles in all of human history. Similar to our Art of War and Machiavelli episodes, we're examining the […]

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Historically Speaking — Merfolk and Mayans, Oh My!

Welcome back to Historically Speaking! We’ve covered vampires, cat-people and the distinct possibility of bat-gods in previous articles. Today we proceed to examine the probable cultural influences and aesthetics of the green and blue faction of Ixalan—the River Heralds, those jade-encrusted merfolk who guard the path to the Golden City (more on that later—in a […]

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Ultra Budget Brews — Rosheen Meanderer

Hello, and welcome back to Ultra Budget Brews, the series that builds entire EDH decks with no card over $1, commander included. Last time, we were visited by the true spirit of Christmas, John McClane, who showed us how to lay waste to our enemies and anyone else who would dare threaten the Nakatomi plaza. […]

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Un-mander Showdown — Grusilda vs The Mimeoplasm

The Monster Mash Silver-bordered commanders are here for just a few short weeks, and while Un-mander isn't usually my thing, there's one legendary creature from Unstable who hits so close to home that I absolutely must write about her. I'm lucky to have many commander decks. Most are budget, several are just experiments, but there's […]

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Spreading the Love — Bromances and Wolf Packs

Hello Everyone! Kya here once again to spread the love among our community once more. There was a lot of positive feedback in my last article, of which I couldn't be happier. However, I know I went after a demographic that doesn't pertain to everyone. For those who are not interested in mixing love and […]

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Commander's Brew E125 — Kambal Drain

We're back with a classic episode and deck in Kambal and his draining Orzhov army. Gain tons of life while slowly leeching from your opponents. PLUS a very special Holiday Treat! Check out the podcast audio version: We now have a Patreon page! Go to if you'd like to donate and get all […]

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Budget MTG Decks — Budget Baron Von Count

Support the channel become a patron today! Patreon ► Decklist ► Subscribe ► Facebook ► Twitter ► Instagram ► Are you an evil villain bent on world domination but you also like to have a good time? Then search no further as this Baron Von Count commander deck has […]

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Commander Central E18 — Win Conditions

This week on Commander Central Dana, Max and Chris are in the holiday spirit. Their gift to you, is a discussion on winning. That's right they go over win conditions in EDH and why they are so important. Also they give us a sneak peak into their play group round table discussion. Support us on […]

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MTG Muddstah — Kraj vs Olivia vs Sliver Overlord vs Radha

►Like what you see? Why not subscribe: ►You can now support me through Patreon: ►New videos every Monday / Thursday at 11AM EST (Eastern Standard Time) ►Watch me play EDH / CMDR on Twitch: Kraj: Olivia: Radha: Sliver Overlord: The breakdown on how some of the decks were […]

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The Trinisphere S2E2 — Leveraging Opponent's Profiles to Your Advantage

The Trinisphere discusses how to leverage profiles against to your advantage. Knowing your opponents strengths, weaknesses, and desires can all factor into winning multiplayer EDH! Youtube - like, share, and subscribe - click the bell icon to get notifications for new episode Giveaway - subscribe to enter Find us on the Web Follow us […]

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